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Could you save a life with a defibrillator in an emergency? Sudden cardiac arrest can happen anytime, anywhere. Immediate access to an AED along with CPR can be the difference between life and death. As the leading supplier of defibrillators Melbourne, we offer a wide selection of easy-to-use AEDs for all environments. Browse our catalogue to find reliable, affordable options from leading brands such as Lifepak and Cardiac Science. We provide both semi-automated and fully automated defibrillators. 

Responding rapidly with an AED is critical for surviving sudden cardiac arrest. Priority First Aid offers a premier selection of automated external defibrillators to safeguard your organisation. You can browse through the defibrillators we offer and pick the right ones to cater for your expectations. 

Lifeline AED Semi Automatic Defibrillator for Sale in Australia

We provide leading defibrillator brands, batteries, cabinets, signage, and all accessories. You can get all the information about defibrillators before you buy. This will help you to make the right choice at all times. With proper emergency protocols enacted, your organisation can save lives. Let Priority First Aid provide the tools and guidance for a proactive cardiac arrest response plan. 

What are Automated External Defibrillators?

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are portable electronic devices that analyse heart rhythms and deliver an electric shock to victims of sudden cardiac arrest. This can help restore normal heart rhythms in cases like ventricular fibrillation.

AEDs provide visual and audio instructions that guide the rescuer through the process. They are designed for use by non-medical personnel and provide automatic monitoring of heart rhythm as well as voice prompts for the necessary steps. AEDs determine on their own if a shock is needed making them safe for anyone to operate with proper training. 

  • More than 20,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests (OHCAs) in Australia each year.
  • Every minute of delay in defibrillation reduces the chances of survival by 7-10%.
  • Defibrillators deliver electric shocks to restore normal heart rhythm in cardiac arrest patients.
  • Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) provide voice prompts to guide users.
  • Electrode pads are placed on the victim’s bare chest to monitor heart rhythm.
  • AEDs automatically analyse the heart and only shock when medically needed.

It is important to call Triple Zero (000) immediately if you think someone is in cardiac arrest.

Start Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) by commencing chest compressions.

Use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) as soon as possible if available.

What are the benefits of defibrillators?

Defibrillators provide several important benefits that can help save lives. Most importantly, defibrillators allow the delivery of electric shocks that can help restart regular heart rhythms during cardiac arrest. According to the National Institute of Health,  survival rates drop 7-10% for each minute defibrillation is delayed. Defibrillators are also designed to be operated easily without extensive medical knowledge through clear voice and visual guidance. This expands access to treatment beyond hospitals and EMTs. 

Additionally, defibrillators have become affordable over time, allowing them to be deployed in public spaces. With access and proper training, defibrillators greatly improve the chances of surviving sudden cardiac arrest events when utilised quickly. Overall, defibrillators are easy-to-use tools that provide time-sensitive treatment.

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Defibrillators for sale in Melbourne

We also provide accessories such as defibrillator pads, defibrillator batteries, defibrillator brackets and wall signs.

How useful are defibrillators in Melbourne?

Defibrillators for Sale

Defibrillators have become an indispensable lifesaving tool embedded across Melbourne. With over 1,500 publicly registered AEDs around the city, these devices are now readily accessible when seconds matter during sudden cardiac arrest. Major hubs like train stations, airports, ferries, shops, offices, schools, and community centres have made installing defibrillators an urgent priority. This extensive network has already helped rescue many lives by enabling swift defibrillation response. 

Ongoing efforts continue to expand AED infrastructure even further across the metro area. With clear signage and community awareness campaigns, Melbourne residents and visitors can quickly locate nearby AEDs. The widespread availability of defibrillators makes Melbourne a leading example of cardiac emergency preparedness and demonstrates the critical value of making AEDs visible and easy to access.

Responding to a Cardiac Arrest

If you encounter someone unconscious and not breathing normally, they may be in cardiac arrest. First, call emergency services. Begin CPR if you are trained by pushing hard and fast on the centre of the chest. Assign someone to bring an AED if available. Do not stop CPR until the AED arrives. Work together to expose the chest, apply pads, and allow the AED to analyse the rhythm. Deliver a shock if advised by the AED. Continue CPR until paramedics arrive or the person shows signs of regaining normal breathing and movement. The proper response can drastically improve the chances of survival.

Using the AED

Once the AED is on the scene, turn it on and apply the pads according to the diagrams. Ensure no one is touching the person, then press “analyse” so the AED can check heart rhythm. If the AED advises a shock is needed, clear others away and press the flashing shock button. The AED will deliver the shock automatically. Resume chest compressions for 2 minutes before allowing the AED to re-analyse. Follow any additional voice instructions until emergency medical help takes over. The AED guides to defibrillate safely.

Automated External Defibrillators Melbourne

All Automated External Defibrillators Melbourne are supplied by Priority First Aid servicing Melbourne and surrounding regions, are approved medical devices by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Exploring the importance of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

Equipping your environment with automated external defibrillators (AEDs) is one of the most essential investments you can make to save lives in case of sudden cardiac arrest emergencies. Defibrillation within 3-5 minutes can increase survival rates drastically compared to delayed response. Having AEDs onsite provides the only way to treat cardiac arrest before emergency medical services arrive. 

Modern AEDs are safe, reliable, and designed for use by laypersons regardless of medical training. The devices provide clear voice prompts and visual guidance on where to place pads and how to deliver a shock if needed. With accessible AEDs and personnel trained on their use, your location can be prepared to act quickly when seconds count. Budgeting for strategic AED placement and maintenance ensures your setting has the tools to potentially save lives. Contact us today to learn more about the AEDs we have for sale.

It is worth to have a defibrillator around. Some of the best places where you can get defibrillators Melbourne include workplaces, schools, healthcare facilities, and other places. For all your defibrillator needs, feel free to contact us.

Turn on the AED, expose the person’s chest, and attach the pads as shown in diagrams. Follow voice prompts to “analyse” and “shock” if advised. AEDs provide clear guidance on the next steps. You just need to follow those steps and aid anyone going through an SCA. 

AEDs should be in public areas that are readily accessible, such as office lobbies, malls, gyms, theatres, airports, etc. Proper signage helps indicate AED locations. Then you can allow anyone to reach the defibrillator and use it. 

*The ARC Guidelines – Australian Resuscitation Council

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