HeartStart First Aid / FRx – AED Battery (M5070A)



Product Overview

This is the M5070A replacement battery for HeartStart First Aid and FRx Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). It’s crucial to ensure your life-saving equipment is always ready to go, so consider updating your current battery or keeping an extra one nearby.

Key Features

Long Life and High Performance: This fresh-dated lithium battery is designed to last, ensuring your HeartStart AED is always ready. It comes with a generous four-year factory warranty and a shelf life to match.

Impressive Capacity: With the ability to deliver 200+ shocks, this battery matches the performance of the original battery that came with your HeartStart AED.

Compatibility: This replacement battery is specifically designed to work with HeartStart First Aid HS1 and HeartStart FRx AED models.

Remember, always be prepared for emergencies. Regularly check and replace your AED batteries to ensure your equipment is ready to help save lives when needed.