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Keep Critical Staff on the Gold Coast Up to Date on Their Emergency Training with a Course by Priority First Aid

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Planning is an essential component to success no matter the type of business you run. From planning how to build your brand to laying the foundation for how the company will operate, preparations play a large role in how you handle the challenges and obstacles that may come your way. What about the state of your emergency planning? What would you do if someone experienced cardiac arrest in your place of business, or if an accident caused an injury? The ability to effectively render first aid while awaiting the arrival of emergency services is incredibly important and not one to overlook. Just like the rest of your business, this is another area where robust plans can make all the difference.

At Priority First Aid, we’ve built our services around helping other businesses create guidelines and structure themselves for success in emergency response scenarios. While it could be a serious medical issue or injury, sometimes less severe but still serious situations, such as a deep cut or a bad burn, can also call for the usage of staff first aid skills. By providing a standards-compliant first aid training course to Gold Coast businesses, we hope to equip more individuals and organisations with the skills necessary to take charge and handle situations. What courses do we offer, and what do they cover?

Learning to help others through first aid training on the Gold Coast

We offer three primary course options for our clients: CPR, first aid, and a low voltage electrical rescue course. These correspond to HLTAID001, HLTAID003, and UETTDRRF06B respectively, and represent a range of learning outcomes. While not every business place may need LV rescue training, just about every workplace can benefit from actual first aid training on the Gold Coast. During one of these courses, whose timing and delivery we can tailor to suit your enterprise, enrolled employees would learn things such as:

How to assess the severity of an injured person

Contextualised emergency responses relevant to your workplace

How to perform and maintain a CPR rhythm

How to use an AED

With our focus on making our Gold Coast first aid training efforts relevant to your business, you can count on the ability to develop employee confidence and foster a sense of team unity in emergency response efforts. Taking the time to invest in these learning opportunities now can yield better outcomes down the road. With each course administered by a licensed and trained professional, you can also trust that your staff will have the best opportunities to learn.

Let’s work together to foster safer workplaces

Priority First Aid’s experience in offering each course allows us to conduct lessons that focus on the empowering sensation of understanding how to administer potentially life-saving care. Learn more about these courses, or fill out our contact form today for a prompt response. We look forward to visiting your business to teach the ins and outs of first aid to you and your employees.

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