Zoll AED 3 CPR Uni-padz Universal III (Adult/Child) Electrodes


  • The Zoll AED 3 CPR Uni-padz (Adult/Paediatric) Electrodes
  • 5 Year Shelf Life from date of manufacture

Product Breakdown:


Universal Use: 

  • One of the key features of these electrodes is their ability to be used on both adult and child patients. This versatility ensures you’re always prepared, no matter the situation.

Clear Markings: 

  • The electrodes are clearly marked for quick and accurate placement. This can be a lifesaver in emergency situations, where every second counts.

Additional Essentials: 

  • Along with the electrodes, each pack contains a variety of necessary tools for life-saving procedures. These include trauma shears, gloves, wipes, a medical razor, and a breathing mask.

Extended Shelf Life:

  •  The Zoll AED 3 CPR Uni-padz Universal III electrodes come with an impressive 5-year shelf life from the date they’re manufactured.

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