Prestan Manikin Infant Lung Bags (50)



Product Overview:

The Prestan Infant Manikin Lung Bags have been specially crafted for the infant manikin. They come in a pack of 50, ensuring you have ample supply for your training needs.

Key Features:

  • Designed for Infant Manikin: These lung bags are explicitly made for the infant manikin. They offer a tailored fit, ensuring optimal usage and functionality.
  • Realistic CPR Training: The face shield/lung bag combination provides a life-like experience by simulating a full chest rise, crucial for effective CPR training.
  • Package Quantity: With 50 lung bags in each package, you’ll have a significant supply to meet your needs, making it cost-effective and convenient.
  • Additional Options Available: You can also purchase replacement lung bags for the Prestan Manikin range, including the adult and child versions, ensuring all your manikin lung bag requirements are covered.

The Prestan Infant Manikin Lung Bags make CPR training realistic and practical. With a bundle of 50 bags, you’ll be well-equipped to provide effective learning experiences.