Prestan Child Manikin with CPR Monitor


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Unveiling the Prestan Child Manikin

Meet the Prestan Child Manikin, your perfect training partner for mastering child CPR techniques. With its life-mimicking attributes and heft, this manikin presents an authentic training scenario for real-life rescue situations. Its distinct body design and skin texture are designed to mirror the feel of a real child.


  • A lifelike head movement that replicates the motion of a child’s head.
  • Face/head tilt feature for comprehensive CPR training, instructing learners on how to unblock the airway during CPR.

What’s in the Box?

Your Prestan Child Manikin package comes with an inbuilt CPR monitor, 10 face shield lung bags, and a robust carry case for convenience. The manikin features a medium skin tone.

The Innovative CPR Rate Monitor

The Prestan Child Manikin stands out with its pioneering CPR Rate Monitor, a tool providing instant feedback. Both trainers and learners gain insights into the chest compression rate, making training more efficient and effective. This visual aid reinforces the feeling of performing real-life compressions.

Immerse yourself in an accurate CPR learning experience with the Prestan Child Manikin. Remember, perfect practice makes perfect. Let’s make every second count in saving lives.