LifeTemp Digital Ear Thermometer


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The LifeTemp Digital Ear Thermometer is perfect for medical professionals, General Practitioner clinics, or monitoring your health at home. The thermometer uses advanced temperature and infrared technology to record a highly accurate ear (tympanic) reading.

With a highly efficient energy system, the digital ear thermometer can take in excess of 2,500 temperature recordings before new batteries are required. The device will also automatically power off after after 60 seconds, saving you energy and battery life.

The digital ear thermometer is able to easily switch between Celsius temperature scales, memory function and fever alarm.


  • Returns accurate temperature readings within 2 seconds
  • Supplied with batteries and 20 ear probe covers
  • Measurement range of 30~42.2OC
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Retains the last 9 temperature recordings
  • Lightweight and portable, 85 grams

This product is a TGA registered medical device (ARTG 148587).