Trauma Shears Blue (Emergency Medical Shears) 7.5″



Trauma Shears Overview

  • The Emergency Medical Shears are convenient for industrial use. 
  • They are also dependable during emergencies. 
  • The dimension of 7.5-inch length with a pitted lower edge. 
  • Identical to the trauma shears which Paramedics use. 

Key Points 

  • It is frequently used by ambulance services during emergency calls all over Australia.  
  • The Trauma Shears can be used to cut through heavy metallic materials. 
  • They are efficient in handling heavy-duty metal, making them reliable, especially in emergencies.
  • The other end of the shears is blunt for the safety of the patients in case of accidental cuts during emergencies. 
  • It also features black handles with industrial high-quality stainless-steel blades. 
  • Under Priority First Aid, we also supply another version of the trauma shears, which measures 5.5 inches or 14cm long. 


  • 7.5 inches or 19cm in length