LIFEPAK CR Plus/Express Charge-Pak 2 (1 Battery / 2 Electrodes)


**Please note: Current stock is short dated by approx 2-3 months, as supplied by manufacturer. Sale price reflects this. Please note there are currently significant shipping delays from manufacturer on full-dated stock.


The Lifepak Charge-Pak is designed to conveniently replace both the battery and pads for your Lifepak CR Plus defibrillator.

Compatible with:

  • Lifepak CR Plus (semi and fully-automatic models)
  • Lifepak Express

Includes 2 sets of Quick-Pak defibrillation electrodes and 1 Charge-Pak battery unit. Optional charge-pak available to include a single set of Quick-Pak defibrillation electrodes and battery. The Charge-Pak is supplied with a minimum 2-year shelf-life on the battery and pads.

Weight 0.2 kg