Finger Pulse Oximeter



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A finger pulse oximeter device is used to measure the oxygen content of the blood. The device can tell you how well your body is delivering oxygen throughout your body—particularly to extremities that are a long way from the heart.

By clipping the finger pulse oximeter to your finger, you can determine the oxygen saturation of your blood. The device uses light to take its measurements, an entirely painless process. Findings can tell you whether you have an oxygen deficiency in your blood. Doctors can also use this information to make decisions about required medical treatments.

Each package includes one finger pulse oximeter, a cord to attach the device to your neck or wrist, an instruction manual and two AAA batteries to power the device.


  • LED dual colour display with adjustable brightness
  • Low battery indicator
  • Display shows SpO2 (peripheral capillary oxygen saturation), PR (pulse rate), bar graph and pulse waveforms
  • Device offers four directions and six unique display modes
  • Oximeter automatically shuts off when not attached to a patient’s finger
  • Product is an approved medical device by the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG 289640).