Defibtech Lifeline AED Adult Training Pads Package (1 Set)



Product Details:

Defibtech Lifeline Adult AED Training Pads:

  • This package includes a seal pouch carrying a set of training pads, along with a connector wire assembly.

Training Capabilities:

  • When paired with the right trainer software and a training battery pack, these pads transform your standalone trainer or Lifeline AED into a powerful training tool.

Safe for Live Subjects:

  • The training pads are non-functional, meaning they can be safely used on a live subject without the risk of accidental shock.

Reusable Design:

  • Thanks to their semi-adhesive nature, these pads can be used multiple times.

Interchangeable Pads:

  • If needed, these pads can be replaced with DDP-105-TR pads, which attach to the connector assembly using Velcro.

In easy-to-understand terms, this product is designed to help those in training understand how to use an AED safely and effectively. Its features allow for reusable and safe practice, ensuring confidence when it comes to real-life applications.