Defibrillator AED Wall Cabinet (Alarmed)




Secure and Reliable Defibrillator AED Wall Cabinet with Alarm, Flashing Light, and Signage

Keep your life-saving defibrillator protected and easily accessible with our Defibrillator AED Wall Cabinet. Designed to meet the highest standards of safety and security, this cabinet is suitable for use with all leading defibrillator brands, ensuring compatibility and peace of mind.

Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Security: Our wall cabinet provides a secure storage solution for your defibrillator, safeguarding it from unauthorized access and potential damage.
  2. Alarm and Flashing Light: Equipped with an alarm and a red flashing light, the cabinet ensures immediate attention and alerts nearby individuals during emergencies, helping to attract attention and gather assistance quickly.
  3. Clear Signage: The cabinet features clear and highly visible signage, indicating the presence of a defibrillator, ensuring its location is easily identifiable in times of need.
  4. Universal Compatibility: Our wall cabinet is designed to accommodate a wide range of leading defibrillator brands, including:
  • Defibtech Lifeline
  • Defibtech Lifeline View
  • Lifepak 1000
  • Lifepak CR2 (all units)
  • HeartSine Samaritan PAD AED models 350P, 360P, and 500P
  • Cardiac Science G3 and G5 models
  • Philips HeartStart (HS1) and FRx
  • Zoll AED Plus and Zoll AED3

Investing in a high-quality defibrillator AED wall cabinet not only ensures the safety and security of your life-saving device but also provides peace of mind knowing that it is easily accessible in critical situations. Don’t compromise when it comes to emergency preparedness—choose our Defibrillator AED Wall Cabinet today.

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