Gallant Medical Razor



The medical razor from Gallant is ideal for pre-surgical shaving procedures. The razor’s design ensures a smooth shave and protects patients from cuts, scratches, razor burn, or other skin irritations. Each disposable razor has been designed to comply with the highest healthcare hygiene, safety and accuracy standards.

Gallant’s medical razors are crafted from platinum-coated stainless steel and lightweight plastic. The blades ensure a sharp, close shave, while the plastic components are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. Medical practitioners can dispose of these razors without worrying about being wasteful or causing detriment to the environment.

Individual razors weigh 3.91 grams apiece, with 3.63 grams of recyclable plastic and 0.28-gram platinum plated blades.

Available in the following quantities:

  • 5 pack (SKU: GMR5PK)
  • 10 pack (SKU: GMR10PK)
  • 50 pack (dispenser box) (SKU: GMRDB002)
  • 1800 pack (master carton containing 36 x 50pk dispenser boxes) (SKU: GMRMC001)
Product Quantity

1,800 Razors, 50 Razors, 10 Pack, 5 Pack