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Keep Your Students Safe with First Aid Training for Teachers in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Toowoomba

From minor cuts and scrapes to major medical issues such as asthma attacks or anaphylactic shock, schoolchildren in Australia can face a range of injuries or emergencies throughout an average day. While a school nurse is hopefully on standby to help with medical emergencies when they arise, the fact is that there isn’t always time to get a child to the nurse’s office when an emergency does occur. As such, it’s vital for teachers themselves to have at least some level of medical training. With Priority First Aid and our first aid training for teachers in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba, teachers can gain the knowledge and skills they need to protect life in the classroom.

The Importance of First Aid Training in the Classroom

A teacher that has proper and extensive training in first aid will typically have an easier time finding a job and might even make more money. The reasoning behind this higher level of demand is simple. When parents drop their kids off at school in the morning, they are trusting the school—and the teachers in particular—to look after their children and make sure no harm comes to them. Ideally, kids at school will never be at risk for any kind of injury.

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First Aid Training Sunshine Coast

However, things do happen. Kids fall and get hurt in the playground or eat something they shouldn’t and suffer severe allergic reactions. In most cases, these issues are minor. Still, a teacher that has gone through first aid training for teachers in Brisbane will feel more comfortable even with the basic stuff, such as cleaning and dressing wounds. In rare situations, children might suffer life-threatening emergencies. Someone with a peanut allergy might accidentally eat something with peanuts in it and go into anaphylactic shock. A student with asthma might leave their inhaler at home and then suffer an asthma attack at school. In some cases, a child’s heart might stop for no apparent reason.

First Aid Training for Teachers

In each of these emergencies, teachers need to be prepared to act quickly, clearly and calmly. Rapid and logical action may well be the key to saving the child’s life. Unfortunately, most teaching programs at university don’t provide much guidance on what to do when your student isn’t breathing, and you have maybe a minute to do something. Instead, those skills are learned in first aid courses—hence the importance for teachers to take these courses.

Work with First Aid to Find First Aid Training for Teachers in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane or Elsewhere

At Priority First Aid, we do our part of preparing educators for the potential emergencies that may unfold in the classroom. From teaching CPR to training teachers how to use a defibrillator, our courses provide a range of lifesaving skills that are handy for anyone working in a school environment to know. To learn more about our first aid training for teachers—whether in Toowoomba, Gold Coast or somewhere else—get in contact with us today.

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