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Set up Corporate First Aid Training at Your Business in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Toowoomba

Corporate first aid training is a smart investment for your company. Not only are all businesses required to have a certain number of employees on hand who are trained in first aid but investing in across-the-board training for your corporate office will simply result in a safer workplace. You never know when an emergency is going to strike, be it a severe allergic reaction or a cardiac arrest. The more people in your office who are trained in first aid, the less likely an emergency is to turn into a tragedy.

Priority First Aid: Making Corporate First Aid Training Convenient for Your Business

At Priority First Aid, we encourage all businesses to provide first aid training for some or all their employees. What we often hear from business owners, though, is that they want to invest in first aid training but are simply too busy to find the time.
Indeed, we understand that fitting any training during work hours is difficult. You don’t want to infringe upon the productivity of your workers. As for enticing your employees to go through with first aid training outside of work hours, on their own time, there’s a whole slew of obstacles there as well.

Corporate First Aid Training
First Aid Training Sunshine Coast

As a business ourselves, suffice to say that Priority First Aid understands your plight. You are interested in corporate first aid training for your Brisbane or Toowoomba business, but keep putting it on the back burner because there aren’t enough hours in the day.
For this reason, we try to make workplace first aid training easier. Instead of requiring your employees to come to us, we come to you. By sending trainers to your offices and having them deliver a range of accredited first aid courses right there on your premises, we accomplish a few things.

First, we make it possible to deliver first aid training to your employees at the date and time of your choosing. This flexibility guarantees what the single easiest way to train the majority of your workforce in first aid at the same time is.
Secondly, we allow you to hold first aid training during business hours without requiring your employees to leave the premises or commute to some offsite classroom location. This system minimises the amount of time your workers must take out of their busy schedules for training, which protects productivity while still delivering vital training.

Thirdly, we can deliver first aid training where it is most likely to be applied. By teaching first aid skills to your employees in the workplace, we can enhance their recall of those skills if needed in the workplace. Environment is a big part of education, and first aid training is no exception to the rule.

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Plan Corporate First Aid Training in Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba or Brisbane

Are you interested in planning on-premises corporate first aid training in Toowoomba, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast? Get in touch with our team at Priority First Aid today, and we will work with you to set up a date and time for your training session.

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